College Admission Pursuit

Admission Success through Guided Pursuit

College Admission Pursuit (CAP) is an Independent Educational Consulting practice specializing in empowering and guiding students and their parents or guardians through every aspect of their college admission pursuit.

CAP understands that every student is unique, and as such, their strengths, talents, abilities and aspirations all play a vital role in determining what their path to higher education looks like.

Our approach to guiding students through the college admissions process fosters a journey of self-discovery and exploration, resulting in students who are engaged, take initiative and demonstrate responsibility through their college admission pursuit.

The CAP team is ready to guide you towards building the strongest academic profile possible and to successfully achieving your individual college admission goals.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when partnering with CAP:

  • Understand how the process really works
  • Identify innate strengths and preferences to best select career path
  • Build a strong and competitive academic profile
  • Understand academic, social, geographic, and financial preferences to identify best-fit schools
  • Understand how to determine the true cost of attending college
  • Gain admission advantage by having current knowledge of institutional priorities
  • Guidance and tools to organize and manage varying deadlines
  • Bring calm, reason and sanity to the college admission process


College Admission Pursuit

“I learned a lot in the “Brainstorming Your Hook” college essay workshop. It was extremely helpful and a wonderful program!”

-Student-Class of 2018

“Christina helped me tremendously through my college admission experience. I began the process a little later than most students typically do, but Christina was able to get me to where I needed to be without skipping any steps.”

-Student- Class of 2017

“After working with Christina, I had a clear idea of what I wanted and even back up options in case anything went wrong.”

-Student- Class of 2017

“Everyone was non-judgmental and super helpful. I now have multiple ideas for my college essays and the knowledge of what’s important for college essays. I am excited to start writing!”

-Student- Class of 2018

“I was so relieved when we began working with Christina. Her knowledge and guidance provided clarity and organization to the process which reduced the high tension level in our house and helped my girls achieve their college admission goals.”

-Parent- Class of 2015 and 2017

“Throughout the stressful admissions process, Christina helped me create a plan to remain organized and easily meet all my deadlines ahead of time.”

-Student- Class of 2017

“I am so thankful we had Christina’s help during the college admission process. She was awesome!”

-Parent- Class of 2017

“Before working with Christina, I was completely unsure of which college I wanted to attend or even what to look for when choosing schools. I now have a path and a plan. Thank you!”

-Student- Class of 2016

“With this brainstorming workshop, I learned different ways to express myself and different ways to structure essays. They answered questions that I had but wasn’t sure how to ask.”

-Student- Class of 2018

“Christina is patient, kind and very knowledgeable about the college admission process. I highly recommend CAP to anyone beginning their college planning journey.”

-Student- Class of 2017

College Admission Pursuit

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College Admission Pursuit

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